Heavy paints “Outsider Art” in all shapes and sizes. More than just a painting, everything from the depths of Heavy’s mind is a coallition of his life’s experiences, his hardships and joys. But pulling out a small snippet is only half the battle as Heavy scavanges all of his materials, from the hundred year old barnwood planks to the shades of greys, reds, and yellows that color his world, resulting in an unreplicable combination of canvas, colors, and imagery for each piece.

Heavyz art has sold in Galleries and Auctions across the Country, and hangs in houses around the Globe.


Behind these pixels lay a spread of paintings by Heavy for your viewing pleasure.

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Heavy has always been up to something, always has been always will, so after a career ending injury Heavy picked up a paintbrush and hasn’t looked back.



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9am-5pm Indiana Central Standard Time

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